Shipping FAQ

How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive?

All orders from eith Nashville, TN, USA or Livingston, MT, USA.

We usually ship on Thursdays.

Domestic (US) orders are usually delivered in 5 days.

International orders have been taking up to 6 weeks.  Yes, this includes Canada.  We know it is incredibly slow, but there just isn't a cost-effective way to get deliver the merchandise any sooner.  If you can find a cheaper way to deliver a CD or Vinyl record from the US to Europe/Australia/Asia for less than $20 that is faster than 6 weeks, please let us know!!!

We are NOT amazon and don't have the same shipping agreements as a major retailer.

If My Order Doesn't Arrive Can i Get A Refund?

YES!  We will happily refund any orders that are lost in mail.  This rarely happens in most countries.   But if it does, just and we will issue a full refund.

Will Joe Sign The CD or LP?

Yes!  There is an option to select a signed copy of a CD or Vinyl record, just click on the product.

Can I Buy Joe's CD's At My Local Music Retailer? is the only place you can purchase all of Joe's CD's and Vinyl Records.

Certain titles are available in stores in Australia, Japan and Europe, but not all.

All music is available worldwide digitally through this store and on all major streaming platforms.