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Undertones CD

Undertones CD

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1. Anything But Love You (Robinson/Hart)

2. Reputation (Robinson/Eskridge)

3. (Do You Want It) To Be Me (Robinson/Miller)

4. Undertone (Robinson/Hunt/Carson)

5. Snake Man (Robinson/Powell/Wilson)

6. Mindless (Robinson/Nicholson)

7. Millennium Man (Robinson/Nicholson)

8. Connection (Robinson/Nicholson)

9. Let The Guitar Do The Talkin' (Robinson/Nicholson)

10. Interlude (Robinson/Nesbitt/Abbott)

11. Whisper Your Name (Robinson/McGrath)

12. Temagog (Robinson)



Joe Robinson:  Guitars & Vocals

Anton Nesbitt:  Bass

Pete Abbott:  Drums

Tracks 1-8, 10, 11: Recorded by Rick Wheeler at Castle Studios, Franklin TN.  Jordan Reed assistant engineer.

Track 9:  Recorded by Brent Maher & Charles Yingling

Track 12:  Recorded by Joe Robinson

Mixed by Joe Robinson

Mastered by Greg Calbi (Sterling Sound)

Photography and Cover Art by Genevieve Viel-Taschereau

Produced by Joe Robinson

Executive Producers:  Bob Burwell & Jason Henke

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